Cheap Car Rental Alternatives

New Zealand is a small economy, yet thrives with entrepreneurs and small businesses who like to push the envelope with innovations. The car rental industry is not the exception to the rule.

Visitors to New Zealand not only have the option to hire a car with the main worldwide known car rental companies, but they can also do it with locally own, smaller companies. And very often doing so will result in a better deal.

It’s true that at times they may not have as much stock as some of the bigger companies, and that this may be a problem especially in the high season. However, the fact that most of these companies are ran by the owner, who personally spends time in the ground looking after the daily operations, means that they are a lot more flexible in the type of deal that you might be able to get.

With these companies, you don’t need to go by the list price, and there is usually more space for negotiation.

This is why, if what you are really after is a great deal for your rented car, you should contact a few of these companies and tell them that you are shopping around, and that you are happy to go with the one that offers you the cheapest rental deal.

Many of them will be willing to slash some of the extra costs that you usually end up paying in most places. For example:

  • insurance (partial or total)
  • extra driver
  • mechanical rescue service

If they have cars lying around without contracts, it’s cash that they are not making. And because the owner is right there and can make decisions in a snap, you are more likely to be able to bend the terms of the contract in your favour. Keep in mind that the longer you need your car, the stronger your negotiating position is, and the more willing they will be able to lower the daily price of your contract.



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